Pane Relief Window Cleaning
         Serving Corvallis, Philomath and surrounding areas for 25+ years.

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Pane Relief Window Cleaning is An ECO friendly Corvallis, Oregon based business.

            We use Bicycles / Electric Motorcycles for transportation, biodegradable soaps.

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Commerical Window Cleaning

• Maintain your professional image with crystal clear windows!

• Have your windows done on steady scheduled basis.

 • Ask yourself: Would your windows invite New Shoppers into your shop?

• Turn window-shoppers into regular shoppers and turn new heads!

• Show the thought and care you’ve invested in your advertising display with clean, clear windows.

• Give your place of business an instant face-lift. It’s affordable, green but best of all, its effective.

      Call Ken    1 - (5 4 1) - 2 0 7 - 5 7 3 6     (9 am - 9 pm)
Pane Relief is An ECO friendly Corvallis based business.

         We use a Electric Motorcycle and biodegradable soap and moss killers.

For Faster service, call the above number.